Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Modding Saartje's Bootees

I recently made two pairs of Saartje's Bootees, the extremely quick, terribly cute garter-stitch baby shoes that are quite popular on Ravelry. Since I'm stubborn, I didn't follow the strap directions for the first pair, and was unhappy with the button closure. I ended up having to sew in a loop of yarn on the end of the strap: not visually pleasing.

On my second pair, when I got to the straps, instead of using an additional piece of yarn to make a long-tail cast on, I did the following:
CO 11 using cable cast-on
k 1 row
k 19, (YO) twice, k2tog
BO in knit, dropping first YO from needle

This created a little button hole and gave the bootees a little more balance with an end on the strap. I think these will look great with some EZ garter-stitch designs like the BSJ and the FBS, or even the Baby Bog Jacket.


evergreenknits said...

That's a *great* idea for making the buttonholes. I'm just at the buttonhole part of my pair now, and I think I'm going to rip back the last couple rows and do that. Thank you!

eudyptula said...

why, you're welcome! glad I could be helpful.