Wednesday, October 31, 2007

free yarn!

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I'm the lucky recipient of these lovely odds and sods from my friend Janice. I had this awful "Tubey" sweater that I made from some luscious Aurora 8. It looked bad on me and the colors were almost right for an analogous color scheme, but not quite. I used black as the main color, immediately finding myself in some sort of '80s flashback horror.

Needless to say, it sat in my closet unworn for at least a year, lording it over me. Until Monday! I delightedly frogged the damn thing and decided that the short lengths still wanted to be worked in stripes. This led me to the attractive and clever "Leftovers" vest, also a Knitty pattern. Unfortunately, I wouldn't have enough Aurora to work the whole vest without reintroducing the black, and thus my unhappiness.

Janice came to my rescue with inspiration and supplies. She recently made a fair-isle vest with scrap and leftover yarns. She also has trunks, bags, and boxes of yarn leftover from a lifetime of knitting. I was generously allowed to scavenge out the pinks, and at the same time we picked out blues, creams, and grays to make a vest for her husband. This all ties in to our new philosophy, at least for knitting: "use it up"

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