Thursday, January 17, 2008

angora, it's from bunnies!

And I have no idea what to do with it. I have five lovely, plump balls of Valeria di Roma Angora, shocking pink and 100% angora. What can I say, they were on sale at WEBS a while back. Now, this only equals 275.0 yards (251.5 m); not much yarn by any measure. It's so luscious and soft that I want it around my neck, but I can't find any sort of pattern that makes me happy. Should I just ransack Barbara Walker for a stitch pattern and make something up?

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distaff22 said...

E says you ought to make a pink bunny out of it.

If you want it around your neck then something like a "potato chip"/narrow boa scarf would work with that color and fluffy-ness.

Or what about a stockinette tube done on large needles? Stretched out long it would be a narrow scarf, and stretched wide, a cowl.